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It takes more than one stakeholder to make nightlife safe and vibrant—a broad coalition of people is necessary.

Many perspectives are involved in making nightlife well planned, managed and sustainable. That’s why the Sociable City Network isn’t oriented to just one position or perspective. All are welcome if you care about, are involved in or are impacted by nightlife.

Find your peers in other cities. Post a question for discussion. You can even connect with them directly.

Diverse Stakeholders Benefit from the Sociable City Network

A full range of perspectives have a stake in nightlife and benefit from a subscription to the Network.

Community StakeholdersDevelopment StakeholdersSafety StakeholdersHospitality StakeholdersCulture StakeholdersResearch Stakeholders

Our Discussion Forum and Resource Library are Especially Helpful for: 

Night Mayors * Elected Officials * Police * Alcohol Regulators *City Planners * Economic development officials * Business Improvement District Managers * Main Street Managers * Music and Nightlife Advocates * Hospitality Business Entrepreneurs * Residents * University Administrators

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