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You can post questions, direct message other subscribers and participate in discussion forums on the topics you care about. The Sociable City Network makes it easy to find the people who are invested in making their nightlife safe and vibrant.

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Save 20% on your registration to RHI's Sociable City Summit and pre-Summit Academy! RHI’s annual event is the premier location to network with peers in person, attend workshops about how to overcome the top nightlife challenges and get inspired by city success stories.

Resource Library

It takes time to find and filter out high quality information about nightlife management online.

There is no other centralized source of nightlife management information on a variety of sub-topics relevant to multiple stakeholders. The Sociable City Network's resource library has a combination of original resources created by RHI and a compilation of the best examples worldwide. Original resources cannot be found anywhere else – access is exclusive to subscribers. As a subscriber, you'll have access to:

Webinars A treasure trove of webinars showcasing cities’ holistic approaches to nightlife management and strategies for addressing top challenges
Case Studies Real-world applications of how to address specific issues and challenges
Nightlife Management.101 An interactive e-curriculum on RHI’s Core Measures of a Sociable City. If you’re a newbie or need to get a colleague up to speed, this is an essential orientation for you. 
How To Guides  Original how-to guides on topics such as policing your nightlife district, how to start a sociable city alliance (nightlife office) and how to address the common challenges in college communities with nightlife, and more. 
Blogs About trends and hot topics by nightlife thought leaders, RHI staff and Network Ambassadors
Models and Samples Compilation of examples from how cities plan and manage their nightlife. Great for customizing to your own city. e.g. Nightlife venue best practice guides
News  Read nightlife news summaries from around the globe to see what other cities are experiencing related to nightlife and sociability.
Good Reads Publications and scholarly articles you should check out
Research Summaries Original summaries of research on top nightlife subjects such as parking, restrooms, etc.
















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