What is the Sociable City Network?

The Sociable City Network is your central access point for nighttime economy research, solutions and connections. Subscribers get exclusive access to global peers and technical experts through online discussion and information exchange. Access innovative ideas and original resources found nowhere else on how to plan, manage and police your city’s nightlife. If you need help with your nightlife district – or want to create one from scratch – this is the resource you need.

Why Subscribe to the Sociable City Network?

You need help to better plan and manage your nightlife. Your city is seeking solutions that work.  

  1. Your city has a nightlife district(s) and you need help managing crime, disorder and sound complaints.
  2. Your city doesn’t have a nightlife district but you want to create one.
  3. You want to gather research about the best way to plan, manage and police a nightlife district.
  4. You want to connect with people who are involved in developing nightlife strategies.


FREE 18 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION if you subscribe before December 31, 2020 you will receive access to all resources, including links to the many reopening and recovery guides. 

Save time by getting all the info you need in one place.

Nighttime economy information is few and far between. Google searches don’t cut it. Sifting through social media posts takes hours. Nightlife management is a new and exciting field, but a difficult topic on which to find definitive information.

We’ve compiled the research for you. You’ll find the best examples of strategies, initiatives, guides and reports on the nighttime economy. We’ve even written original guides that are available nowhere else. The Sociable City Network has the most comprehensive library of nightlife resources. Connect with thought leaders, innovators and social movement advocates from diverse perspectives.